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Working in conjunction with environmental specialists, ACO has utilized its extensive knowledge of surface drainage to develop a proven amphibian tunnel and drift fencing system.

The first tunnel systems were installed in North America in 1987 (click here to learn more) and have been implemented around the world since this date. In comparison to the provision of replacement spawning grounds, wildlife guidance systems are readily accepted by amphibians. The animals are led safely to their habitats: amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals can safely cross underneath roads through the tunnel system and are prevented from reaching the road surface by surrounding fencing – a measure to protect both animals and humans.


Provides a safe route across the road, away from the hazards of vehicles. Also protects road users from the hazard of large volumes of migrating animals.


Seamlessly connects the fencing system to the tunnel without gaps that could allow animals access to the road and the dangers that would create.


Designed to either use on it’s own to contain animals within a specified area, or in conjunction with the tunnel and entrance to guide animal into the tunnel and provide a safe migratory route.

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