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ACO Sport®

ACO Sport® is designed to rapidly remove stormwater that can damage surfaces without disrupting the performance of the athletes or players. Products were first used at the 1972 Munich Olympic Stadium and most Olympic games since then. ACO Sport® systems are available to meet the requirements of any athletic arena from high school fields to Olympic Stadiums via slotted drains, grates, radiussed channels, and padded edges for added athlete safety.

Polymer concrete slotted running track & field drainage system with increased depth. Ideal for IAAF tracks.

Polymer concrete slotted running track & field drainage system. Ideal for school tracks.

Polymer concrete grated drainage system. Ideal for sports fields, courts, running tracks & football fields.

ACO’s modular Long Jump Pit Systems fulfill high school, college (NCAA), and international standards (IAAF). Sand Traps prevent displaced sand from degrading surrounding track material.