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Spill Control

Spill Control Oil-Water Separator

The ACO spill control oil/water separator is based on the principle of gravity, where oil is lighter than water and will float and that solids are heavier and wil therefore sink. It does not use enzymes or require frequent maintenance, just periodic removal of solids and oils.

The spill control oil-water separator is manufactured from durable, chemical resistant polymer concrete to withstand the application demands of external parking areas and internal industrial areas. Polymer concrete provides up to four times the compressive strength of cement concrete and almost twice the compressive strength of HDPE, ensuring a long service life compared to many other materials commonly used for separators. It also offers a thermal expansion ratio similar to the concrete surround to prevent delamination of the concrete surround.

The Separation Process

In the first chamber oils and grease float at the surface while solids such as sand sink. This allows the oils and grease to flow into the second chamber where they can be removed for disposal, while the clean water will empty from the bottom.

Spill Control Oil-Water Separator
Part No. Length
in (mm)
Overall Depth
in (mm)
w/ Light Duty Cover 05693 74.00 (1878) 24.75 (629) 1230.0
w/ Heavy Duty Cover and Steel Frame 05694 74.00 (1878) 24.75 (629) 1470.0
Extension Risers
Height Part No. Wgt
6″ 05984
8″ 05985 1470.0
12″ 05986 1470.0
14″ 05989 1470.0
18″ 05597 1470.0
24″ 05601 1470.0
30″ 05602 1470.0
36″ 05706 1470.0

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