ACO Sport® Stormwater FAQ - ACO SWM
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When the track consists of two straightaways of 100 meters each and the two curves of 100 meters each.

A permeable track surface allows surface water to pass through to the base asphalt. A non-permeable surface prevents surface water to pass through.

A double bend track has a compound radius curve (usually two small curves and large curve formed by three different radii forming one complex curve) at each end. This type of layout provides for a much wider playing field than an IAAF track.

Point of curve which is located where the straightaway transitions to the curve.

Yes, it’s the only way System 4000 channels can be used on the entire 400 meter track.

No, the System 2000 or System 3000 radius channels can be used in the curves.

The three non-sloping channel numbers recommended are 4002, 2010 and 4020.

To prevent the slot from closing or collapsing from pressure created by freeze thaw or by other means

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a type of synthetic rubber that is used for the ACO Sport safety edge on channels and elastic curbing.

System 2000, System 3000, System 4000 and elastic curbing.

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