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Design Support

ACO has an established support team who offer guidance during all stages involving the use of ACO StormBrixx – from helping correctly size geocellular storage tanks, to on-site advice to ensure correct product installation.

To design and install a StormBrixx system specification, three major factors need to be considered:

1. Hydraulic design

2. Structural Design

3. Maintenance

ACO can provide advice on these factors. If the required water storage volume and other relevant criteria are supplied to ACO’s technical service team, an optimized tank layout can be configured using the proprietary optimizer software.

ACO’s team of in-house engineers can provide support all the way from providing standard installation details to installation assistance. Standard details can be adjusted to relate closer to your specific needs. ACO StormBrixx’s versatility allows it to perform in any standard situation as well as endless unique installations.

ACO StormBrixx can be installed in short and easy steps but for first-time installations or complex layouts, in-house engineers and experienced installers are readily available.

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A blue print of drainage design

ACO StormBrixx Configurator

ACO can help you configure your own geocellular stormwater tank to facilitate stormwater retention, detention or infiltration based on the hydraulic, structural and maintenance requirements of the project.

This program is designed to provide an easy solution for tank design, calculating excavation measurements, product take-offs and pricing, and provide critical information based on project specific design requirements.

A full breakdown of your tank design can be generated and saved within the configurator software. This breakdown will provide vital information for preliminary designs, site preparations, and technical submittal data immediately upon completion. Access, inspection, and maintenance details are provided along with an orientation on a grid footprint. A bill of materials and cost estimate based on MSRP will also be provided.


ACO StormBrixx can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, allowing simplified calculation of the systems storage and infiltration behavior. The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated system layout, and simplifies the process of designing a modular system meeting specific storage and footprint requirements. Click here for details. HydroCAD® is a registered trademark of HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC.

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