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8" Internal Width
Bracing Blocks Choice of Grates Bolted Grates Choice of Steel Frame Interconnecting End Profiles In various materials and styles (including ADA compliant) for applications up to Load Class E. FG200 grates are lockable with two ½” - 13 x 1½” bolts fixing directly into steel frame at 18” (457 mm) intervals. Provides grate support and protects channel edge from damage. Available in black coated, galvanized and stainless steel. Allow easy and effective joining of channels. Sealant can be used to create sealed joints. Supplied to brace deeper channels during concrete pour, details on how to position are shown on a sticker on each channel. Snap-Fit Studs Nelson Studs Sloped (1.0%) Channel Units Directional Arrows Installation Brackets 9’ (2.75 m) long units provide 108’ (32.9 meter) continuous slope. Equates to 1/8” fall per linear foot. Four constant depth channels extend run lengths. Four 3’ (0.915 m) units and accessories also available. A 2” internal width, constant depth system for high profile, aesthetic applications where a barrier is required to separate wet and dry areas. Hold channel body securely to frame and allows quick assembly on-site. Supplied with frame. Attached to frame, act as concrete anchors to secure channels into concrete surround. Sticker on side of channel indicates flow direction and ensures channels are installed correctly. FlowDrain Product Types:
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FG200- 8" Width

Additional Features & Benefits:
3’ and 9’ Channels
8" Internal Width