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Flow Control

Flow Control of Underground Stormwater Detention Systems

ACO StormBrixx address the ‘Hold’ element of the ACO System Chain; the final stage is release. To manage the ‘Release’ stage ACO has a range of flow control systems that regulate storm water flow before it discharges into the watercourse or sewer networks.

ACO Q-Brake flow controls and ACO Q-Plate orifice plates are capable of regulating any flow for surface water applications and can be used in conjunction with retention and attenuation systems, such as StormBrixx, as an integrated sustainable urban drainage scheme (LID).

ACO Q-Brake is a horizontal vortex flow control unit designed to regulate stormwater flows. The design of a vortex flow control is based on the fluid mechanics principle of the ‘forced vortex’, which permits flow regulation without any moving parts.

ACO Q-Brake utilises the upstream head and discharge to generate a ‘vortex’ within the mechanism of the unit. The water is then released at a predetermined controlled rate preventing downstream flooding.

Unlike conventional products, ACO Q-Brake is less prone to blockage and permits higher flow at a lower head of water. This is because the vortex control allows an equivalent outlet size 4 to 6 times larger in cross-sectional area to be used.

Each ACO Q-Brake Vortex unit is custom built to suit the profile of the chamber. Radius fixing options remove the need for additional benching, simplifying installation and reducing cost.

ACO Q-Brake Flow Control of Underground Stormwater Detention Systems
1.Flexible fitting options to suit profile of pit wall
2.Individually configured to suit specific performance criteria
3.Remote access cable for emergency drain down
4.Sealing gasket and latch
5.Regulate stormwater flows from
0.071 ft3 - 3.53 ft3/sec (2 – 100 litre/sec)
6.Manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel
7.Inlet/outlet determined by laboratory verified discharge curves

If a more conventional product is required, ACO Q-Plate orifice plates are perfect for all flow rates and can be used for a number of applications.

Due to the systems custom construction, any pit size, pipe diameter, orifice opening can be accommodate

ACO Q-Plate Flow Control of Underground Stormwater Detention Systems
1.Optional remote access cable for emergency drain down (recommended for all orifice apertures less than 100mm)
2.4 fixing points to pit wall
3.Orifice aperture up to 6" (150mm)
4.Manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel
5.Sealing gasket and latch
6.Flat or curved radius to suit chamber profile
7.Pipe sealing gasket

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