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Applications – Transportation


ACO products can be found in a variety of transportation applications including airport runways, train rails, shipyards, loading docks, terminals, parking lots and others.

Airports – Airside

Airport airside drainage requirements vary greatly by project and ACO offers extensive design and technical services to ensure that the right solution is used for each project.

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Airports – Terminals

Airport terminals require ADA, heel safe, and wheelchair safe grates in different loading classes to be able to accommodate the high volumes of traffic and the large variety of objects that will be moving within the terminals on a daily basis. With its products, ACO makes a significant contribution to the design, usability and ultimately also to the quality of life in these central areas.

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Airports – Landside

Public buildings and services have a wide variety of requirements for drainage. Trench drains can be found in locations with heavy vehicles, loading bays, to applications with light pedestrian traffic and ADA grate requirements, such as access areas.

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Ports & Docks

Ports and shipyards have considerations for trench drain design including extreme loads, such as straddle carriers, high flows and long runs.  ACO provides solutions for these common design requirements. ACO products and services can help sea ports and inter-modal transportation yards meet their specific drainage requirements and regulations

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Train Stations

Train Stations and Light Rails are mandated to provide safe, secure locking and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) grate options for platform and track drainage.

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