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Train Stations

Train Stations

Train Stations and Light Rails are mandated to provide safe, secure locking and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) grate options for platform and track drainage.

ACO offers ADA grates as well as other solutions for:

  • Train Stations
  • Light Rails
  • Subways
  • Bus Stations

Select grates that are ADA-compliant.

Grate slot sizes should be kept to a minimum to protect high heels, canes, bicycle tires and wheelchairs, while still allowing efficient surface water removal.

A sample wheel chair-safe grate installation

Grate Security

ACO recommends that grates should be secured to prevent movement by traffic, which can cause damage to both product and pedestrians.

A side view of a closeup of a grate security tool

Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the ACO Infrastructure product line of drain channels

Roadside & heavy-duty trench drain systems used in infrastructure projects

A side view of the ACO Drain product line of drain channels

Modular, commercial-grade, grated trench drain systems

A side view of an Aquaduct drain channel

Custom manufactured drainage

A side view of the ACO StormBrixx® product line

Geocellular stormwater storage products for detention, retention, reuse & infiltration

A side view of the ACO Environment product line

Oil-Water separators & liquid spill control

A side view of the ACO UtilityDuct product line of drain channels

Ducting system for surface level utilities

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