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Airports – Landside

Airports – Landside

Public buildings and services have a wide variety of requirements for drainage. Trench drains can be found in locations with heavy vehicles, loading bays, to applications with light pedestrian traffic and ADA grate requirements, such as access areas.

ACO products can be found in the following areas:

  • Loading Bays
  • Parking Lots & Parking Garages
  • Curbside Drop-off and Pickup
  • Public Transportation Junctions
  • Access Areas

Select grates that are ADA-compliant.

Grate slot sizes should be kept to a minimum to protect high heels, canes, bicycle tires and wheelchairs, while still allowing efficient surface water removal.

A sample wheel chair-safe grate installation

Parking Garage Entrance

In order to prevent damage, parking garage entrances in particular must remain dry. In addition, access ramps are among the most heavily frequented and polluted areas in underground garages. Accordingly, particularly resistant channel solutions are required, which must also be tailored to the special features of ramps.

A sample drain system installed in a commercial parking lot

Low Ceiling Construction

It is known that space is used to the maximum in multi-story car garages. This already has an effect on the general planning of multilevel parking garages. The ceiling construction on parking decks is particularly low. Of course, the drainage channels and drains must also meet these special requirements and be designed lower.

A sample drain system installed in a commercial parking lot


In the event of heavy rain, the drainage system must also be able to drain off large amounts of rainwater quickly and safely. Also note that sundecks are exposed to direct sunlight. With particularly resilient channels, you can avoid possible damage and malfunctions.

A sample drain system installed in a commercial parking lot

Maneuvers & Parking

When planning, also bear in mind that hundreds of maneuvers are carried out in a parking garage every day. This not only affects the surfaces. In the event of unfortunate parking attempts, pipes or columns can also be approached. Therefore, these should also be particularly resistant and not dent or bend.


Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the ACO Drain product line of drain channels

Modular, commercial-grade, grated trench drain systems

A side view of the ACO Infrastructure product line of drain channels

Roadside & heavy-duty trench drain systems used in infrastructure projects

A side view of the ACO StormBrixx® product line

Geocellular stormwater storage products for detention, retention, reuse & infiltration

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