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Infiltration Line

Infiltration Line is used to collect water where there is no outlet pipe available or if water needs to be infiltrated on site. It is ideal for roof, driveway or patio run-off and can be directed into units via a trench drain, point drain or down spout. Infiltration Line retains rainwater in the ground and then slowly releases it into the soil. The Infiltration Line system is lightweight and offers easy installation with minimal excavation required. Above all, it is environmentally friendly.


Dig a channel (5″ deep and at least 8″ wide).
Set sod carefully aside for reinstallation.


Connect to inspection chamber and put the elements together – pull pipe out 2.5″ to connect together.


Install the end plug at end of infiltration run.


Backfill the trench with removed soil.

Calculating Infiltration units needed

The number of units you need varies in relation to the area to be drained and also with soil type. Different soil types have vastly different capacities to absorb water.

Using the chart below, a home with 1,345 ft2 of roof or paved area will need 6 units with sand soil.

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