HexaLine Brickslot Slot Drainage - ACO SWM
United States


HexaLine Brickslot

HexaLine Brickslot is a recyclable polypropylene slotted trench drain system that provides effective, yet discreet, slot drainage in domestic paver or tile installations. Suitable for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic applications.


Excavate area to accommodate trench drain and 4″ concrete surround.


Rough in 3″ or 4″ SDR pipe or 4″ schedule 40 outlet pipe, compact excavation base and lay 4″ deep concrete bed.


Knockout channel base for outlet and start to lay channels from outlet position.


Continue to lay channels working away from outlet, channels slide-fit together.


Pour 4″ concrete around channel sides allowing for pavement detail (see section drawing above).


Finish pavement/pavers must be 1/8″ higher than the grate.

For pedestrian only applications, trench drain can be set directly on well compacted soil.

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