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Military Bases need durable trench drains capable of handling extreme loads like tanks, military aircraft and ancillary traffic. In addition, ‘Made in the US’ is a standard requirement on federally funded projects for the military – ACO products meet and exceed both the load requirements and ‘Buy American’ stipulations.

These industries may require heavy duty products for heavy vehicles. Typical use of trench drain in these applications include:

  • Washdown areas for utility vehicles
  • Bunding to capture aviation gas spills
  • Maintenance facilities
  • De-icing facilities
  • Naval facilities

‘Made in the US’ and ‘Buy American’

By purchasing items made locally or nationally, you have a positive impact on the economic, environmental and community that surrounds you. However, there are differences in using the claim, Made in the USA and referring to the Buy American Act. The Made in the USA label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and indicates products that are “all or virtually all” domestically produced, manufactured and assembled in the US. The Buy American Act was instituted in 1933 (President Hoover’s last approval in office) and requires the US government to prefer the use of USA-made products. Currently, items qualify for that label if they include 55% of materials coming from the United States. This can affect federal or local government construction projects with a winning-edge towards spec’ing ACO products.


ACO Aquaduct (Custom FRP Drainage)

ACO Aquaduct is a division of the company specializing in custom drainage solutions and offers products made from FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), stainless steel and other materials. ACO Drain systems consist of manufactured modular trench drains made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant polymer concrete, or fiberglass, together with grates from a variety of materials for all loading applications. Aquaduct engineers are involved from the outset providing industry knowledge and experience to design solutions that meet specific site requirements within the project budget. On-site technical service during installation is a valuable part of the process. Aquaduct solutions are used extensively by industries such as: chemical manufacturers, food processing plants, auto manufacturers, container terminals and airports.

A sample Aquaduct drain system installed in an oil and gas industry setting
A side view of an Aquaduct drain channel

Custom manufactured drainage

A side view of the ACO Drain product line of drain channels

Modular, commercial-grade, grated trench drain systems

A side view of the ACO Infrastructure product line of drain channels

Roadside & heavy-duty trench drain systems used in infrastructure projects

A side view of the ACO StormBrixx® product line

Geocellular stormwater storage products for detention, retention, reuse & infiltration

A side view of the ACO Environment product line

Oil-Water separators & liquid spill control

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