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Applications – Industrial


ACO has a wide range of heavy duty linear drains for industrial, petro, chemical and military applications. ACO’s technical support team can advise in different solutions that can go up to load class F or 100 tons.

Heavy Duty Manufacturing

Heavy Duty applications in industries and manufactures demand rugged trench drains with the ability to handle heavy machinery, high liquid intake and other factors. ACO works closely with engineers to design the best solutions and ensure proper drainage in heavy duty applications and sensitive areas where other liquids other than water may be running into the drainage.

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Oil & Gas Industry

Efficient drainage is essential in many oil and gas applications from manufacturing and processing to storage.  ACO’s options for chemical resistance, flame retardency and temperature resistance materials can ensure optimal performance in addition to exceeding load requirements. The processing industries such as petrochemical, oil, gas and coal require surface drainage in areas restricted to chemicals as well as providing surface drainage for water collected in run offs.

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Military Bases need durable trench drains capable of handling extreme loads like tanks, military aircraft and ancillary traffic. In addition, ‘Made in the US’ is a standard requirement on federally funded projects for the military – ACO products meet and exceed both the load requirements and ‘Buy American’ stipulations.

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