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Applications – Food & Beverage Industry

ApplicationsFood & Beverage Industry

ACO has provided drainage solutions to an extensive list of customers in the food and beverage industry. These projects can vary in scope from small restaurants to large food processing plants.


Restaurants can be high-risk areas for bacteria growth and usually require stainless steel drains and grates to comply with regulations for drainage systems. The systems and technical support provided by ACO can ensure that these regulations are met on each project. Trench drains provide an ideal solution inside and outside restaurant areas where simple and smooth two directional slopes provide minimal trip hazards.

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Food Processing

Food processing facilities are required to meet high hygiene levels to maintain clean, bacteria-free environments to operate. High-quality drainage systems are essential in these areas.

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Wineries & Breweries

Winery and Brewery trench drains are used in many areas to provide easy wash-down and smooth floors with minimal slope changes. Extreme loads are experienced in parts of these facilities – while in tasting rooms and bars, attractive and aesthetic solutions are needed.

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