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Inside the Blueprint: ACO StormBrixx®

ACO StormBrixx® stormwater management

Inside the Blueprint: ACO StormBrixx®



Water is a precious resource. It sustains life. It nourishes our planet, but civil and industrial mismanagement of Mother Nature’s rainwater causes problems, including billions of dollars in environmental and human and damages.

A 2013 Environmental Protection Agency report cites improperly managed stormwater as a leading contributor to underground water pollution affecting streams, lakes, rivers and drinking water.

The single costliest mistake that businesses can make when planning for stormwater intrusion is specifying the wrong system for the wrong application. In the long run, this can cause big issues for your system in terms of water discharge, percolation, and structural loading and performance of the system. Ultimately, this could cost a business owner million and millions of dollars to replace in the long run. So, it’s better to specify the correct system upfront.

As natural areas get replaced by roads, parking lots, commercial infrastructures, and other impervious surfaces, nature’s ability to properly absorb rainwater and snow melt into underground subsurface areas can be significantly compromised.

Solving stormwater damage head on mitigating and managing localized flooding on sidewalks, in parking lots and surrounding terrain is a tough battle. One modular water storage product is winning, leaving the competition literally upstream across the US and globally.

The main principles of ACO are our system chain, which is collectcleanhold and reuse. The collect focuses on collecting all that stormwater that’s coming off the streets or surfaces, then the cleaning of the water, and finally StormBrixx® is used for is the hold and release processes. So, it’s detaining all the water and then releasing it back into the natural water course at a controlled rate!

StormBrixx® was designed with speed of installation in mind with a Legolite concept. Units snap together in seconds! We also use a brick bonding pattern that overlap the joints that result in unparalleled vertical and lateral loading stability. All in all, on site this could save the contractor a significant amount compared to the competition.

What we’ve been able to do at ACO is marry up the German engineering and technology aspect of the products that we develop and take those proprietary applications, bring them here to the US. and enable our manufacturing and our processes here to maximize the utilization and efficiencies that we can bring to the table. That has allowed us to make an exceptional product that we can deliver to the marketplace.

Today, with regional offices in Ohio, South Carolina, and a state-of-the-art North American headquarters in Arizona, ACO USA reaches coast to coast, providing crucial stormwater management and end to end solutions for thousands of businesses, cities, and towns in all 50 states.

It’s a crucial part of any kind of commercial or residential installation to take care of and manage that stormwater.

This system can be laid out in right angle shapes, giving the engineer the ultimate ability to fit a lot of cubic foot of storage in a small space.

StormBrixx® help solve the missing components of competitors products in four main aspects; structural integrityspeed of installationaccess, maintenance and cleaning, and lastly is logistics and handling.

We have developed an inherent supply chain platform that meets the US market needs. This supply chain is designed to meet the demands of our customers both on the eastern and western half of the US. Once our product is here in the distribution center, it has been fully tested, our approved and ready for shipment. This destructive test certifies both vertical and horizontal demands that will be put on the StormBrixx® system itself.

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