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Parks & Fountains

Parks & Fountains

Parks and fountains can take in many sizes and shapes and may require a variety of drainage solutions that range from high water intake grates to discreet slots that are hardly noticeable.

ACO offers attractive grating options for its trench drains that are safe for families with small children playing around water. Our design team can help find the best solutions for applications such as:

  • Water fountains
  • Splash pads
  • Water works
  • Artificial and natural water features

Free-form radius slot drains. Reach out to us for design assistance!

A sample drain system installed in a park setting

Decorative and pedestrian friendly grate options. Check out more here.

A sample drain system installed in a park setting

Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the BrickSlot

4” (100 mm) & 8” (200 mm) internal width, discreet slot drains

A side view of an EcoPanel drain channel

Linear Permeable Pavers

A side view of KlassikDrain

Steel edge modular trench system in 100 mm (4″), 200 mm (8″) & 300 mm (12″) internal width

A side view of the ACO Wildlife product line

Wildlife guidance & passage systems

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