Storm Drain Grates for Landmarks - ACO SWM
United States




ACO Drain solutions can be found in many national and international landmarks. Landmarks and many world renowned sites across the country have relied on ACO Drain to provide drainage solutions throughout their facilities.

ACO Drain is installed in many famous locations in the United States.

  • World Trade Center, NY
  • Mount Rushmore, SD
  • Lincoln Memorial, DC
  • Walk of Fame, CA

Decorative and pedestrian friendly grate options. Check out more here.

A sample drain system installed in a park setting

Select grates that are ADA-compliant. Grate slot sizes should be kept to a minimum to protect high heels, canes, bicycle tires and wheelchairs, while still allowing efficient surface water removal.

A sample wheel chair-safe grate installation

Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the BrickSlot

4” (100 mm) & 8” (200 mm) internal width, discreet slot drains

A side view of an EcoPanel drain channel

Linear Permeable Pavers

A side view of KlassikDrain

Steel edge modular trench system in 100 mm (4″), 200 mm (8″) & 300 mm (12″) internal width

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