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Residential & Multifamily

Residential & Multifamily

Apartments and townhouses complexes may need different types of drainage systems that have different load and terrain specifications. The presence of pedestrians as well as vehicles require drains with grates that are ADA, bike, and wheel chair safe. Houses can also benefit from heavier duty trench drain to ensure the longevity of the application and effective water discharge management.

Select grates that are ADA-compliant. Grate slot sizes should be kept to a minimum to protect high heels, canes, bicycle tires and wheelchairs, while still allowing efficient surface water removal.

A sample wheel chair-safe grate installation

Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the ACO Self product line

Residential drainage & landscape products

A side view of the ACO Drain product line of drain channels

Modular, commercial-grade, grated trench drain systems

ACO ShowerDrain products to bring drainage design to the bathroom floor

Products to bring drainage design to the bathroom floor

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