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Q-Brake Vortex

ACO StormBrixx — Q-Brake Vortex

ACO Q-Brake is a horizontal vortex flow control unit designed to regulate stormwater flows. The design of a vortex flow control is based on the fluid mechanics principle of the ‘forced vortex’, which permits flow regulation without any moving parts.

ACO Q-Brake utilises the upstream head and discharge to generate a ‘vortex’ within the mechanism of the unit. The water is then released at a predetermined controlled rate preventing downstream flooding.

Unlike conventional products, ACO Q-Brake is less prone to blockage and permits higher flow at a lower head of water. This is because the vortex control allows an equivalent outlet size 4 to 6 times larger in cross-sectional area to be used.

Each ACO Q-Brake Vortex unit is custom built to suit the profile of the chamber. Radius fixing options remove the need for additional benching, simplifying installation and reducing cost.