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ACO Surface Water Management

ACO Surface Water Management

ACO is committed to designing and producing the best solutions to surface water management. We understand the importance of better utilizing one of our planet’s vital resource, water, and are committed to improve its utilization, collection and reuse.

The Hydrological Cycle is the natural cycle of water from rainfall to evaporation. ACO provides products that collect water from impervious surfaces, which is transmitted to other products which help clean solids and liquids from the collected water. ACO produces products that can retain and return water back to nature in a controlled manner.

Our products can be used in conjunction with water reuse and harvesting programs.

ACO Surface Water Management products in conjunction with ACO Building Drainage products ( can provide a complete solution for drainage systems both inside and outside.

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ACO’s product lines in the surface water management group are designed to fit into Collect, Clean, Hold, Release System Chain.


Products that collect water from surfaces fit into the “Collect” group. Products used to remove solids, hydrocarbons, and FOGs fit into the “Clean” group. Products that are used to buffer and store water fit into the “Hold” group. Products that return water back into the aquafer or watercourse in a controlled manner.

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To assist stakeholders, designers, architects, engineers, contractors and maintenance providers, ACO uses the Service Chain concept.


ACO will provide Training in-person, onsite, and through electronic media. Our Technical Service team will provide advice on the use of our products and designs. We will provide Support on installation and other applications and provide all necessary after-service care to ensure a long life.

ACO. we care for water