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Retail & Offices

Retail & Offices

Retail and office buildings of any size can benefit from the widest range of drainage systems that provide aesthetic solutions. A wide choice of materials and decorative grate styles are offered to provide synergy or contrast to the overall design scheme. “Invisible” slot options are also very popular.

ACO offers grates that are wheel chair, bike and high heel safe for areas with pedestrian traffic such as:

  • Shopping malls
  • Department stores
  • Retail stores
  • Outlet malls
  • High-Rise buildings
  • Office buildings and complexes

Several ACO product recommendations include:

A side view of the ACO Drain product line of drain channels

Modular, commercial-grade, grated trench drain systems

A side view of an Aquaduct drain channel

Custom manufactured drainage

A side view of the ACO QMax product line

High-capacity MDPE slot drainage

A side view of a MonoBloc

Monolithic polymer concrete 8” trench drains with high-capacity intake slots and pipe connection flumes

A side view of the ACO StormBrixx® product line

Geocellular stormwater storage products for detention, retention, reuse & infiltration

A side view of the ACO Environment product line

Oil-Water separators & liquid spill control

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